Client testimonials

Client testimonials:

“Over the years I have had many Therapeutic Massages but I have now at last found someone (Lexi) who provides a very thorough massage.
I’m very impressed with the way Lexi is able to focus on the areas of my body that need special attention during the actual massage process.
I find her style to be very therapeutic; she gives a wonderful relaxing massage.
Lexi is very sensitive to areas that are tender but she is not afraid to work vigorously on muscles that need it.
She has a great combination of intuitive touch and educated physiotherapy knowledge.
As a sportsman I appreciate Lexi’s knowledge and advice about stretching, strengthening and nutrition.
She has very calming approach to the whole massage experience. I always leave feeling completely relaxed and looking forward to the next massage.

I strongly recommend you visit Lexi to experience her excellent technique; the time you spend with her be invaluable to your health and wellbeing.”

Mr. Wickham


“I want to tell you how good I felt after my massage. It had everything in one.
It was relaxing, good for my muscles and my mind. I loved it. Thank you very much.”


"I experienced a wonderful Swedish Massage at the hands of a very pleasant therapist.
The atmosphere was very relaxing and it was exactly what I needed (I left feeling energised, refreshed and revived…)
Thanks so much Lexi!

I would recommend this to anyone!"


"I have been using Lexi’s services for several months now and I am very pleased with the treatment.
She has the ability to adjust her treatment to the customer’s personal needs. Her knowledge is always expanding and she has a treatment for just about anyone.

She varies her treatment nearly every time I see her which is good and is genuinely interested in her customers well being offering advice on the best way to make you feel better. Whether you just want to be pampered or treated for stress aches or pains she will definitely have an option for you.

So if you are curious about her services you definitely need to try it."

Mr. Michael Patrick

"I am a 68 year old woman, diagnosed with a non-treatable lung cancer.  I had some Aromatherapy Massage in a medical context
for a limited time and was delighted to discover that there were 'no contraindications' to having more frequent sessions from a private therapist. 
I hunted round locally and was lucky to discover Lavender Touch

The Aromatherapy Massage I have with Lexi isn't about cancer - it is about ME. 
The 45 minute sessions restore me to wholeness.  They give me back my body by paying attention to
and renewing my awareness of all those parts that aren't subject to cancer.
In my own home, with a therapist I trust, and with my choice of music I am Annie, not a patient.

We meet as equals - knowing that the treatment works best when therapist and subject are partners.
Joining together in giving and receiving, we complement each other and by the end I feel that sense of healing, not just in my body but in mind and spirit too."

Annie R. 

"I would recommend the Lava Shells Massage treatment to anybody. It is very relaxing and a very soothing treatment in a  t.
Lexi is excellent therapist with superb knowledge of the bodies muscles and pressure points.
Her  friendly polite manner makes it very easy to relax and even fall asleep.
Suffering from pain down the right side of my body (especially knee) due to various sporting activies,
I noticed an improvement in the flexibility of my  joints and muscles in my right leg immediately after the treatment."
Simon Edwards

My Lava Shells Massage Experience 
It was more than just a Body Massage. It was a Mind, Body and Spirit Massage.

I felt like I had been transported to a Polynesian beach
and all I had to do was relaxing and enjoying. And I did.

I was left with a feeling of completeness which lasted for several days.
I was relaxed and refreshed as if I had been chilling out on that Polynesian beach.
It was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to go again.

Mrs. Nora Gunning

"I recently had a Four Hands Massage with Lexi and Anna, it was an excellent experience.
I found it so relaxing yet very uplifting. It was so professionally administered that I was very surprised
they had only just started massaging together. I would heartily recommend this treatment, it is just magic." 

Regards Edward

"I’ve being treated by Lexi for over a year now, I work as a manager in the health service and I am on call 24/7,
it is very difficult to switch off completely. The only other time I switch off is when I’m out of the country ,
I’ve had various treatments over the last year , my own personal favourite is the Lavender Lux Massage treatment.
The 2 hour treatment gives me the time my body needs to wind down, to experience total relaxation
and an altered consciousness is the jewel in the crown.
Every treatment is different and Lexi a very special individual, I have found the energy she uses in her treatments have a healing effect.
I have also treated myself to Facials , sometimes I combine these in my treatments , I find these a nice treat for that special night out."

Mr. Philip Kelly 

"Recently I pulled my neck which resulted in pain and lack of movement. I went to see a chiropractor and had the vertebrae re-aligned
which immediately allowed more movement to the neck. However, the muscles were still sore and cramped alot
so I opted for a course of 3 intense Deep Tissue massages from Lexi to repair the tightened muscles.
Even after the first session It felt more improved.

I spent the following two days alternating with hot and cold packs to the neck to further help and then went for a 2nd treatment.

After this session I gained full movement back although still slightly sore. I repeated the hot and cold therapy at home
and after the final massage I felt brand new. I am sure that the Deep Tissue massages played a large part
to the speed of my recovery and I would reccomend them to anyone."


Ian R

Lexi has added another skill to her already impressive knowledge - Reflexology.
At first I was unsure would I benefit from the treatment, may I just say it was better than I ever thought.
I found it extremely relaxing and therapeutic. Let's just say I had a very good night's sleep totally relaxed and refreshed.

I would highly recommended you at least try it once.
Thanks monika and i will see you at our next appointment.

Regards Mick

I regularly have Full Body Massages as my job is physically demanding. Working as an osteopath can cause a build up of tension which I need to dissipate before too long. Lexi does an excellent deep tissue massage with oils to suit.

Martin Lester [Osteopath]

I try to treat myself in 'Lavender Touch' every month. I can say after 1 hour session of massage I feel like newborn. I feel very fresh, relax and I am full of energy. 
Thank you Lexi, you  always know what I need; Relaxing Head 2 Toe massage or Deep Pressure massage? You will know what will help me.

I am looking forward to our next session.

Mirka Mednarska

From the beginning to the end the experience of having a Reflexology session at Lavender Touch was simple divine.  
I felt at ease as all my medical history was taken to make sure that I was suitable for this type of treatment.  

The soft relaxing music seemed to remove all the stresses that a day at work brings.  Feeling the warmth gradually run through my whole body.  
Lexi made the whole experience rewarding and worthwhile, even though I was only there for one hour it seemed more like three,
in fact I will openly admit at one point I was so relaxed that I feel asleep.  Lexi was able to assess from just my feet
that I was currently suffering with a slight stomach upset, which I hasten to add cleared up immediately.
I never realised that by having someone rubbing and pushing your feet in a controlled and methodical way could be so fantastic,

I would highly recommend to anyone who needs to de stress or just wants a bit of me time to contact Lexi at Lavender Touch
and enjoy the benefits of this type of treatment- just as I did.

Mrs. Michelle  T.          

Reflexology was a very relaxing experience as Lexi has you laying down with the legs raised slightly on a water filled support.
The tranquil surroundings and Lexi's professional relaxed calm manner were ideal to let the everyday stresses float away.

I would recommend this to anyone and hope to go back and try out other treatments.

Mrs. Lesley Bush Datchworth

A brilliant massage therapist as she (Lexi) does both relaxing and deep muscle therapy.
I would recommend her to anyone who is very active or just wants to relax.

Mr. Stuart B.


The therapist does not diagnose illnesses, prescribe medicine or practise medicine.  The patient can stop the session at any time, as may the therapist. 
This is strictly for non-sexual massage only. If a sexual advance is made towards the therapist, the massage will be terminated immediately and payment will be due in full. In order to be in compliance with professional and ethical guidelines, and city regulations, towels are used in all treatments.

 Lexi Angel Joy MICHT - Lavender Touch Business Owner